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We started filming at Refugio State Park the afternoon that Plains All-American Pipeline, line 901, burst on May 19, 2015 spilling 140,000 gallons of crude oil onto the Gaviota coast and into the ocean. Crude oil tumbled in the surf, sent toxic fumes in the air, and killed sea life as the Coast Guard struggled to respond.

It's a one-hour environmental story with a peek back at the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969 that helped launch the environmental movement, EPA, and clean air and water laws, and a look forward to a fossil free future.

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93 backers contributed over $13,000 through our Kickstarter Campaign. This enabled us to complete BROKE and submit it to film festivals. A huge thank you to all who contributed, including:

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Above: Volunteer rinses an oiled pelican

Below: Released pelican wearing satellite tag

The film highlights the reaction of citizens who came together in protest marches and healing ceremonies, rescued birds and marine mammals, cleaned the oil off our beaches, and demanded more stringent spill prevention and response. The community's actions stand in stark contrast to the insensitivity of the oil industry and particularly Plains All-American Pipeline, Ltd.  Plains still faces both criminal and civil lawsuits.