​​Your movie was really good and pointed out the seriousness of the problem with fossil fuels.  You're a real advocate for the environment and a real inspiration for me to get off my duff and get involved. 
                                    - Rosanne Puff

I was impressed with the quality of: your narrative voice, the photography & video and the focused message you delivered. The film also answered many general questions surrounding the spill, with just the right amount of statistics.
                                    - Pamela Hawes

Thank you for your work, Gail. It is an excellent example of our community caring, activism, and support. Good job. Proud to be a part of it.
                                    - Michael H Smith

You deserve Stars in Your Crown for documenting this disastrous event that never should have happened.  You have a beautiful speaking voice and narrated it understandingly, with objectivity and care—without criticism or judgmental comments. Your message was from the heart.
                                    - Jeannie Stine

I was there last night at the showing.  It was a great documentary. Editing was terrific.  Beautiful and penetrating film.  Thank you!!!
                                    - Susan Horne

I was looking forward to your film BROKE at the film festival in Santa Barbara. When hearing John Palminteri at KJEE radio comment that it was “fantastic,” I was even more eager to see it. The photography along the coast line, your clear crisp voice explaining what you did and all the facts, graphics and photos of the wildlife affected by this disaster were quite incredible. I hope it at least goes nationwide so people understand the atrocities that occur when pipelines are neglected.   
                                   - Mary Ellen Bangs

I am in awe of your achievement with “Broke.”  The conceptual, filming, directing, editing, narrative skills that you joined together are all outstanding, and all are unified in this important and alerting film. 
                                  - Elizabeth Selover