Additional video footage/cinematography/photography courtesy of: Bud Bottoms, Erin Feinblatt, Maxwell Frank, Michael Love, News Archive Video of KEYT-TV, Rick Ray, Bruce Reitherman, Paul Wellman, John Williams, and John L. Wiley

Advice, critique and moral support: Angela Antenore, Ben Bycel, Shannon Dybvig, Dimitri Falk, Florence Falk, Tonia Gray Guerrero, Rod Lathim, Anne Moore, Beth Pitton-August, Renner Wunderlich, Oran Young

Writing and recording additional narration and editing (in the midst of the Thomas Fire):

​Russ Spencer, Bison Films


Jim Knowlton, Blue Ocean Productions

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​​Gail Osherenko - Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Narrator

Margarita Del Valle - Consulting Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer

Sandra Falkowski - Editor

Debra Piot - Associate Producer, Cinematographer

Ejé Lynn-Jacobs - Sound Engineer

THEME SONG: Whatcha Gonna Do When the Oil Spills?

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     Linda Young - Vocalist

     Ron Sweet - Sound Engineer, guitar and vocal accompaniment 

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